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Unlock the Beauty of Monstera Variegated

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Monstera variegated is a highly sought-after variety of the Monstera deliciosa plant. This variegated monstera features gorgeous white or yellow variegation on its leaves, making it a beautiful addition to any plant collection. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about this rare and unique houseplant.

How Monstera Plants Become Variegated

Variegation in monsteras occurs due to a genetic mutation that causes a lack of chlorophyll in some areas of the leaves. This lack of chlorophyll prevents parts of the leaf from producing the green pigment. There are a few ways this can happen:

Somatic Mutation

This occurs when there is a spontaneous genetic mutation within a single cell in a fully developed plant. If that mutated cell gives rise to a branch, the leaves on that branch may emerge variegated. Over time, you can propagate the variegated branch to create a whole variegated monstera.

Chimeric Variegation

This is when some cells in a plant mutate while others remain normal green cells. This results in a variegated plant with streaks or patches of color rather than full albino leaves. Monsteras with this variation of variegation are weaker than other variegated varieties.


In rare cases, a monstera may experience full albinism due to a lack of chlorophyll in all its cells. An albino monstera produces white leaves rather than green ones. These plants are very weak and difficult to keep alive. Most albino monsteras don’t survive long without extensive care.

monstera thai constellation white snow
Monstera thai constellation white snow

The Rarity of Variegated Monstera Plants

Variegated monsteras are exceptionally rare, mainly because variegation happens due to unpredictable genetic mutations. Less than 1% of monstera plants have natural variegation, so these prized houseplants are highly coveted by collectors.

On top of their natural scarcity, variegated monsteras also propagate slowly. Each leaf only produces one stem at a time, rather than two stems like a regular monstera. Their slower growth rate makes them difficult to produce in large quantities. All these factors combine to make a scarce plant even harder to get your hands on!

Eye-Popping Price Tags for Rare Beauties

The extreme desirability and rarity of variegated monsteras drive their prices astronomical heights. It’s not unusual to see small 4 inch potted plants listed for $999 or more. Mature specimens with several established stems have sold for as much as $4,500!

So what makes them so valuable? Their uniquely patterned leaves make them more decorative than their all-green counterparts. The high contrast makes them into living works of art. Beyond aesthetics, serious houseplant collectors also love them as status symbols due to their scarcity.

monstera mint variegated

Identifying an Authentic Variegated Monstera

With demand so high for these special monsteras, fakes and imitations abound. Here are some tips for identifying an authentic variegated monstera:

Check Leaf Stem Markings

Real variegated monsteras have black or brown markings where the leaves attach to stems. These spots occur naturally and are hard to fake.

Inspect Both Sides of Leaves

The variegation pattern should be visible on both sides of the leaves. Painted leaves may only show color on one surface.

Confirm Plant Vitality

True variegated plants tend to grow slower than regular monsteras. But a healthy plant shouldn’t show excessive yellowing or browning leaves.

Review Seller Reputation

Buying from a reputable seller with many reviews reduces the risk of getting swindled. Ask questions if something seems suspicious.

With close inspection, you can avoid spending huge sums on counterfeit plants. An authentic specimen may cost more initially but becomes priceless for true variegated monstera lovers!

monstera thai constellation green snow
monstera thai constellation green snow

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Caring for These Temperamental Beauties

Variegated monstera plants require careful attention to thrive compared to their sturdier green cousins. Their lack of chlorophyll makes them weaker and prone to discoloration or burning with too much light. Keep them happy and healthy with these care tips:

Bright Indirect Light

Plenty of gentle light keeps growth steady without scorching delicate white areas. An east or west window filtered by a sheer curtain works perfectly.

Warm Temperatures

Maintain temperatures between 65-85°F for robust growth. Cooler temps may slow progress or intensify leaf discoloration.

Regular Fertilization

Feed monthly with a balanced houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength concentration. This nourishes and fuels energetic growth.

High Humidity

Create a tropical environment by misting often, using a pebble tray, or placing nearby other plants. Strive for 60% humidity or higher.

With extra care taken to accommodate their specialized needs, a gorgeous variegated monstera makes an unmatched living accent in any well-appointed home. Their sublime beauty and prestige can bring plant aficionados enduring satisfaction and delight!

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  • Access to Hybrid Varieties: Thai growers are often involved in the development of new hybrid aroid varieties, offering unique plants that may not be available from other sources.

Monstera species are the most sought after by aroid plant lovers


From genetic mutations to astronomical price tags, variegated monstera plants captivate collectors with their singular charms. Their colorful variegation occurs rarely in nature, making authentic specimens hugely valuable showstoppers. Though more particular in their needs, the extra effort pays dividends when one of these rare beauties thrives under your care! Their graceful style elevates any space into a tropical oasis. For devoted houseplant devotees, there may be no more rewarding horticultural indulgence than Monstera deliciosa f. variegata.


  1. What is Monstera Variegated, and why is it special?
    • Answer: Monstera Variegated is a unique and stunning plant known for its striking variegated leaves. It stands out due to its rare color patterns, making it a sought-after choice for plant enthusiasts.
  2. How do I care for my Monstera Variegated plant?
    • Answer: Monstera Variegated requires bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. Keep the soil slightly moist but not waterlogged. Regularly wipe its leaves to remove dust and maintain its variegation.
  3. Can I propagate my Monstera Variegated?
    • Answer: Yes, you can propagate Monstera Variegated through stem cuttings. Ensure each cutting has a node, and place it in water or soil to root. It’s a great way to share or expand your collection.
  4. Is Monstera Variegated safe for pets?
    • Answer: Monstera Variegated is toxic to pets if ingested. Keep it out of reach of your furry friends, or choose pet-safe plants if you have animals at home.
  5. Where can I buy Monstera Variegated plants?
    • Answer: You can purchase Monstera Variegated plants at local nurseries, plant shops, or online plant retailers. Be sure to research the seller’s reputation and shipping conditions for the best experience.

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