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How To Fix Monstera Plants

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Monstera plants, also known as Swiss cheese plants, are popular houseplants native to tropical climates. With their iconic split leaves and rapid growth, it’s no wonder Monsteras are a staple in many homes. However, even the most dedicated Monstera owners can run into problems caring for these plants. Don’t worry! In most cases, Monstera plant issues can be fixed with some attentive care. Read on to learn 6 easy ways you can get your Monstera thriving again.

Provide More Light

Monsteras love bright, indirect light. Low light is one of the most common reasons a Monstera plant’s growth slows or leaves turn yellow.

Assess Light Levels

  • Check if your Monstera is getting at least 4 hours of quality bright light daily. South or West facing windows are ideal.
  • Leaves should be vibrant green, not yellowing. Small new leaves indicate insufficient light.

Increase Light Exposure

  • Move plant closer to a bright window if light levels are too low.
  • Rotate plant frequently so all sides get light exposure.
  • Supplement with a grow light if natural light is limited. LED grow lights work well.

Monstera Deliciosa

Increase Humidity

Monsteras thrive in humidity levels between 40-60%. Dry air causes crispy leaf edges and slow growth.

Monitor Humidity

  • Use a hygrometer to check the ambient humidity around your Monstera. Below 40% is too dry.

Boost Humidity

  • Use a humidifier nearby the plant to increase air moisture.
  • Mist leaves frequently with room temperature water.
  • Place pot on a pebble tray filled with water. The evaporating water will increase humidity.

Humidity for monstera deliciosa

Water Thoroughly

Underwatering is one of the fastest ways to stress your Monstera. Check soil moisture often and water before soil dries out completely.

Check Soil Moisture

  • Stick your finger into the soil. It should be slightly damp 1-2 inches down. Dry soil means time to water!

Water Well

  • Water until it runs freely from the drainage holes below. This ensures the whole root zone is hydrated.
  • Allow all excess water to drain fully after watering to prevent soggy soil.

Water Thoroughly

Fix Nutrient Deficiencies

Like all plants, Monsteras need essential macronutrients (Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium etc) and micronutrients (iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese etc) to thrive. Deficiencies show in yellowing or spotted leaves.

Identify Deficiencies

  • Note if only older or newer leaves are affected. This helps diagnose the specific lack.
  • Have soil tested to understand current nutrient levels.

Add Fertilizer

  • Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/2 strength every 2-4 weeks in growing season.
  • For rapid growth, use an organic fertilizer like worm castings or compost.

Add Fertilizer

Repot Into Fresh Soil

Monstera plants prefer loose, airy soil that holds some moisture but also drains well. After a few years, compacted soil can slow growth.

Check if Repotting is Needed

  • Growth is slowed despite good care.
  • Roots are poking out the bottom drainage holes or look crowded.
  • Soil seems overly dry or takes too long to dry out between waterings.

How to Repot

  • Gently remove from pot and loosen compacted roots.
  • Choose a pot 2-4 inches larger than the current size.
  • Use fresh, high quality potting mix for tropical plants.

Check if Repotting is Needed

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Increase Air Circulation

Stagnant air encourages bacterial and fungal leaf diseases. Improve air flow around your Monstera to prevent issues.

Check for Stale Air

  • Notice any musty smell around plant? This indicates poor air circulation.
  • Any spots or patches on leaves? Potential early stage bacterial infection.

Improve Air Flow

  • Use a small fan to keep air gently moving around the plant.
  • Space plants properly to allow good airflow between them.
  • Move plant away from drafty AC vents blowing directly onto leaves.

Increase Air Circulation


Caring for monsteras really isn’t difficult once you learn their needs for ample warmth, light, water and nutrients. Pay close attention to your plant and you’ll quickly notice any issues needing intervention. Implement one of these fixes as soon as you spot leaves yellowing, slow growth or other problems. With quick troubleshooting and the right adjustments, you’ll have your Monstera back to full health in no time!


FAQ #1: How do I fix yellowing leaves on my Monstera plant?

  • Yellowing leaves in Monstera plants can be a sign of various issues. Start by checking your watering routine, ensuring you’re not overwatering or underwatering your plant. Trim any yellow or damaged leaves and make sure your Monstera receives indirect sunlight.

FAQ #2: What should I do if my Monstera is not growing new leaves?

  • If your Monstera isn’t producing new growth, it may need more light. Ensure it’s getting enough indirect sunlight and consider fertilizing it during the growing season. Also, check the pot size – if it’s root-bound, consider repotting.

FAQ #3: How can I prevent root rot in my Monstera?

  • To prevent root rot, use well-draining soil and a pot with drainage holes. Water your Monstera thoroughly but allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Avoid letting the plant sit in standing water and ensure proper ventilation around the roots.

FAQ #4: What should I do if my Monstera has brown leaf edges?

  • Brown leaf edges can be a sign of low humidity or over-fertilization. Increase humidity around your Monstera by misting it or using a humidity tray. Reduce fertilizer frequency and strength to avoid excessive salts in the soil.

FAQ #5: How can I fix leggy growth in my Monstera?

  • Leggy growth occurs when your Monstera doesn’t receive enough light. To fix it, move the plant to a brighter location with indirect sunlight. Prune back long stems to encourage bushier growth and consider rotating the pot regularly to ensure even exposure to light.

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