Welcome to BOTGarden!

BOTGarden [Greenboog.com] has based in Thailand
We are a company that tries to bring “Green” space wherever you are, the “Green,” a symbolic color of nature, which also represents our goal of a Green Generation! Both in Thailand or other parts of the world
Our product range has also expanded to include a seed range, young plants, bulbs, tissue culture plants, and succulent plants. All have been carefully selected through stringent testing and trials to make gardening a pleasure and a success for our customers.
Why do we do that?
Say no to the exploitation of endangered species from nature, thanks to the advantages of our nature, a tropical environment all year round, and a commitment to each plant that grows is produced in the laboratory using modern breeding technology. We make every attempt to assist your company and consumers at a reasonable price.
All over the world, we can experience the power of plants and with more innovation, we believe plants can be the key to creating a sustainable society.
In the Vietnam branch, Greenboog Garden is a pioneer in seedling export, striving to be the business in researching and plant development linked with market trends.
The products we sell are tropical plants, hoya rooted cutting, hoya plants, tissue culture plants, and cactus, succulent plants.
BOTgarden brings green spaces for you!
We thank you in advance for your trust.


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