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1. We offer no guarantee for cuttings or tissue cultures please order at your own risk. If for any reason there is an issue or you are not satisfied with your plant, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we may come to a reasonable solution

2. For pre-orders, the price quoted at the time of order is FINAL and CAN NOT be changed at the price at the time of delivery.

3. Plants are shipped at the buyer’s risk. We do pack all packages in the best way we can but if any damages occur from the transit or your customs, it is beyond our responsibility, and you cannot get any refund. Please inform that each customs has the right to open and investigate all packages before shipping them to you.

4. Our top priority, if there are damaged plants, is to replace new plants, according to the terms and conditions. We provide plants for free up to a maximum of 70% with the condition that postage and Phytosanitary costs are borne by customers. This is because damage in shipping is part of the risk of buying live plants.

5. Must include clear videos and photos when opening the package as proof. Also please take a picture of your Phytosanitary certificate on the box if possible

6. Refund only applies to plants whose conditions are totally damaged (leaves, stems, and roots). If it only leaves, we will not refund the plant. Because it is a risk of shipping and is a normal case.

7. You agree the seller will not issue refunds if you kill the plants or if it dies in your care. you agree the seller will not replace, exchange, trade-in, or swap the plant or cutting if you kill it or it dies during my care.

8. If there is an agreement to refund, then the customers must send the damaged plant if it is still suitable to be planted to the address that we will provide later (the destination address is in America)

9. You agree to not attempt to threaten, extort the seller or retaliate with bad reviews in an attempt to obtain a refund for the above situations. If your plants or TC plants die in your care 95% of the time it’s your own mistakes and learning curve. We take customer service very seriously and we evaluate each matter on a case-by-case basis.

10. You agree the seller ultimately has the unobstructed right to implement policy exceptions for specific circumstances, or at any time when the seller’s retail/return policies are updated.

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