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Dischidia plants, also known as ‘String of Nickels’ are an interesting and low-maintenance species that make excellent houseplants. These creeping plants feature glossy, waxy leaves in shades of green, cream and grey-green that form a unique pattern. Dischidias prefer bright indirect light but can tolerate low-light conditions as well.

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When it comes to watering requirements, Dischidias like the soil to remain lightly moist; when it starts to feel dry 1 inch (2 cm) below the surface then it’s time to water! Fertilize your plant once a month during its growing season (spring/summertime) and don’t forget to mist it frequently as they love humidity.

You don’t have to repot these plants very often — usually once every two or three years should be enough. When you do repot them make sure to use an appropriately sized pot (with drainage holes) that allows enough space for the roots to spread out while still leaving ample room on all sides of the original container.

If you want something a little bit different for your home or office then check out Dischidia! With its stunning foliage patterns, easy care routine and willingness to adapt in any environment – shop now!

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