1. Overview
    – In the USA an import permit is required only for 13 plants and more
    – The Import Permits are free, they can be requested quickly online on the USDA site and they cover 5 years. See how to proceed bellow. Plant purchases with import permits tend to be processed faster by the customs than parcels of less than 13 plants to repeat buyers without permits. The green – yellow label with the permit number is stuck on the parcel which goes directly to the phytosanitary station before being forwarded to your address place ( written on the parcel).
  1. How to do that?
    – Bellow is where to download plant import permit applications in the USA ; the number of imports in 5 years is unlimited, and it’s free.
    – They are entirely free of charge. A single parcel with an import permit may be processed faster by the customs than 2 parcels of 12 plants each.
    STEP 1: Registed your account
    Click the button below:
    >> LINK
    then pick customer:

STEP 2: Enter a valid E-mail address

STEP 3: Confirm email:

STEP 4: Go to your email to confirm the registration

STEP 5: Enter your name surname then “Password”

STEP 6: Login to your account, please verify your indentity in your account in the linkbellow, you must login first and click the link:

1. Click Create\Renew\Amend Application
2. Choose Program Office Plant Protection & Quarantine
New Update….
ePermits is no longer available for new and renewal PPQ587. APHIS eFile is the new permitting system for Plants and Plant Products.

You need to click to access eFile: and start the import license application process

How to fill the Articles on Permit

=>> Contact me on Facebook if you want more help to fill the import permit form

Or you can check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for ePermits HERE

STEP 7.1: Where to download plant import permit applications in the USA (optional)

On APHIS site permit applications download links

Permit requests can be downloaded:
Permit requests .pdf HERE

STEP 8: Send the completed application by facsimile to (301) 734-5786, or mail to:

Permit Unit
4700 River Road, Unit 133
Riverdale, MD 20737-1236

STEP 9: Receiving confirmation from USDA about your import permit

STEP 10; Send your import permit (.pdf) and shipping label (.pdf) to our email (
* How to get label: You may request the PPQ Form 508 (Green/Yellow labels) online through ePermits under the “My Shipments/Labels” feature. Otherwise, send your request to *

**Notice: when you send your label, specify the number No. of the label can use (ex: label #1)

FAQ’s How to Amend your PPQ Plant and Plant Product Import Permit?

FAQ’s How to Renew Your PPQ Plant and Plant Product Import Permit

A permit will allow you to import for a period of 5 years an unlimited number of times. This is totally free.

A plant import permit in the USA

We found a video of this tutorial on Youtube, released by “Epiphytic Cacti”
Although this guide is old, it can give you a better overview:

Writed by David

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