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Thai Monstera Constellation Variations

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The Thai Monstera Constellation is a highly coveted variant of the iconic monstera deliciosa species. It boasts mesmerizing variegated leaves adorned with intricate mosaics of green, white, and cream, making it an exotic and striking plant.

Over the years, the Thai Constellation has spawned a remarkable array of new variations, each showcasing unique patterns and captivating color combinations. These rare variants are highly sought after by plant collectors worldwide, commanding premium prices due to their unparalleled beauty and appeal.

Join us as we delve into the world of Thai Monstera Constellation varieties, exploring their distinctive characteristics and current market values, providing valuable insights for plant enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Monstera Thai Constellation

The Monstera Thai Constellation is considered the original variegated Monstera that sparked the rise of the Constellation family. Its elegantly shaped leaves showcase brilliant white variegation against the dark green backdrop.

Monstera Thai Constellation Variegated
Monstera Thai Constellation Variegated

Distinguishing Features

  • Prominent white variegated patches of varying sizes spread across the leaves
  • Mature leaves develop oval to heart shapes with natural fenestrations
  • Variegation tends to be stable and consistent in most growing conditions

Current Price Points

  • Smaller juvenile plants: $35 to $75
  • Established plants with several mature leaves: $125 to 270
  • Large specimens with abundant fenestrations: $400+

Monstera Thai Constellation Legacy

The Legacy variety exhibits more uniform white variegation concentrated around the central vein and edges of the leaves. The variegated patterns tend to be larger and bolder compared to the classic Thai Constellation.

Monstera Thai Constellation Legacy
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Notable Traits

  • Broad white variegation concentrated around central veins
  • Mature leaves showcase more oval shapes and fewer splits
  • Tends to produce consistent variegation patterns across new leaves

Average Costs

  • Midsized plants: $900 to $1000
  • Mature plants: $1500 to $2000+

Monstera Thai Constellation Creme Brulee

Named after the sweet French dessert, the Creme Brulee variant displays stunning cream-colored variegation that resembles drizzled caramel patterns. The lush green leaves contrast elegantly against the golden cream sections.

Monstera Thai Constellation Creme Brulee
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Special Attributes

  • Leaves exhibit unique caramel-like cream variegation
  • Matures leaves develop intricate oval shapes with deep splits
  • Tends to be slower growing but produces consistent variegation

Typical Pricing

  • Rooted cuttings: $300 to $500
  • Younger starter plants: $400 to $600
  • Established plants: $600 to $1000

Monstera Thai Constellation Green Snow

As the name suggests, the Green Snow variety showcases smaller dotted green and white variegation reminiscent of falling snowflakes against the green foliage.

monstera thai constellation green snow
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Identifying Qualities

  • Leaves display smaller green and white speckled variegation
  • Matures leaves are often broader with fewer fenestrations
  • Tends to be moderately fast growing and easy to care for

Average Market Prices

  • Unrooted cuttings: $350 to $450
  • Rooted cuttings: $500 to $800
  • Young plants: $900 to $1200

Monstera Thai Constellation Medusa

The Medusa variant earned its name from the unique medusa-head shaped variegation along the central leaf veins. The plants also tend to have more ruffled foliage. This species was newly discovered and is actually “Super rare”

Monstera Thai Constellation Medusa
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Distinctive Features

  • Medusa-head cream variegation spreading out from central veins
  • Leaves are often more ruffled or rippled in texture
  • Produces marbled variegation on new leaves as it matures

Typical Cost Range

  • Unrooted single leaf cuttings: $1000 to $1750
  • Rooted starter plants: $1900 to $2200
  • Established fuller plants: $2250 to $3500

Monstera Thai Constellation White Snow

As one of the rarest Constellation varieties, the White Snow cultivar exhibits almost entirely white variegated leaves with striking dark green veins scattered throughout.

Monstera Thai Constellation White Snow
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Identifying Traits

  • Leaves showcase extensive white variegation
  • Dark green veins woven prominently across the white areas
  • Slow growing and tends to produce smaller leaves initially

Current Valuations

  • Unrooted cuttings: $250 to $400
  • Rooted starter plants: $450 to $650
  • Mature established plants: $700+

Monstera Thai Constellation Platinum Mint Variegated

This phenomenal new variety displays mesmerizing swirls of white and minty light green variegation reminiscent of blue raspberry candy. It remains an exceptionally rare find.

Monstera Thai Platinum
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Noteworthy Qualities

  • Leaves exhibit unique platinum mint variegation
  • New leaves emerge with pink hues before maturing
  • Extremely rare and slower growing variety

Astounding Price Points

  • Single leaf unrooted cuttings: $200 to $300
  • Rooted starter plants: $300 to $500
  • Mature plants: $500+


The Thai Constellation Monstera and its remarkable spectrum of new varieties have captivated plant enthusiasts around the world with their sublime beauty and extravagant price tags. As breeders continue honing these exotic genetic mutations, more refreshingly unique varieties will likely emerge in the future to adorn the most prestigious plant collections.


  1. What are Thai Monstera Constellation Variations?
    • Thai Monstera Constellation Variations refer to different cultivars and mutations of the monstera deliciosa species, particularly known for their variegated and mesmerizing leaf patterns.
  2. How do Thai Monstera Constellation Variations differ from each other?
    • These variations differ in terms of leaf patterns, color combinations, and unique traits, creating a diverse range of options for plant collectors and enthusiasts.
  3. Are Thai Monstera Constellation Variations rare and valuable?
    • Yes, many Thai Monstera Constellation Variations are considered rare and can be quite valuable due to their unique beauty and high demand among collectors.
  4. What care requirements are specific to Thai Monstera Constellation Variations?
    • While care requirements may vary slightly depending on the specific variation, in general, they require bright, indirect light and regular watering, similar to other monstera plants.
  5. Where can I find information on the current market prices and availability of Thai Monstera Constellation Variations?
    • You can search online plant marketplaces, forums, and specialty nurseries for information on the current market prices and availability of these variations.

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