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[New Arrival] Tissue Culture – Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn Variegated

5.00 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


All plants were cultured in flasks for 2 months. The tissue plants will look very similar when they were babies so we can use one image for all of them. Please see a few notes on how to take care of them on our fan page.

The minimum temp from 10 degrees C

Package: 1 plant in flask


5 in stock

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    Tissue Culture – Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn Variegated

    The Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn Variegated is a striking variation of the classic Monstera Deliciosa, known for its unique and eye-catching features. This cultivar is characterized by its variegated foliage, where vibrant yellow hues adorn the iconic split leaves, creating a visually stunning effect. The Yellow Marilyn Variegated is a prized choice among plant enthusiasts for its tropical allure and the distinctive touch it brings to indoor spaces.

    Attribute Information
    Product Name Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn Variegated
    Botanical Name Monstera deliciosa (variegated cultivar)
    Common Names Yellow Marilyn Variegated Monstera, Swiss Cheese Plant
    Origin Cultivated for ornamental purposes
    Plant Type Tropical, evergreen vine
    Growth Habit Climbing or trailing
    Foliage Large, split leaves with yellow variegation
    Leaf Pattern Variegated with vibrant yellow hues
    Light Requirements Bright, indirect sunlight
    Watering Allow soil to partially dry between waterings
    Humidity Requirements Prefers higher humidity levels
    Soil Type Well-draining, rich potting mix
    Container Size Medium to large pots or containers
    USDA Hardiness Zones Typically grown indoors as it’s not cold-hardy
    Special Features Striking variegated foliage, tropical allure

    Process after receiving:

    • STEP 1. Do not do anything 1-2 days to keep them adjusted with the new temp. Keep them in light, not the direct sun (you can use a dedicated light)
    • STEP 2. Open the package – wash out jelly food thoroughly. If you have a mini paintbrush it is helpful.
      Rinse until they’re clean.
    • STEP 3. Soak them in anti-fungus for 15 mins (Betadine mix with water will also work)
    • STEP 4. Soak them in rooting hormone
    • STEP 5. Plant them into media of choice. (see 3 options)
    • STEP 6. Put them into the closed package (plastic container or plastic bag) – allowing light to pass through. Bright indirect light or under a grow light.


    Shipping Information Detail:
    – Transport: The minimum temp from 1 degree C
    – United States: Required to have an import license.
    How to get the import permit in US >> HERE
    – Canada, EU, Singapore, UK, Hongkong: You don’t need the import permit
    – Taiwan, AUS: Required to have an import license.
    – Other countries: Required to have an import license, please ask the customs or the local agriculture ministry about this.

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    Additional information

    Plant Qty:

    1 plant in box, 3 plants in box

    2 reviews for [New Arrival] Tissue Culture – Monstera Deliciosa Yellow Marilyn Variegated

    1. 5 out of 5

      Brittany Hill

      Absolutely thrilled with my Monstera yellow marilyn tissue culture from this shop! The plant arrived in perfect condition, well-packaged and healthy. The variegation is stunning, and it’s been thriving in my home. Great communication from the seller throughout the process. Highly recommend this shop for rare plant finds!

    2. 5 out of 5

      Kevin Walker

      The yellow marilyn monstera matched the description and arrived in pristine condition. Shipping and packaging exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to watch this plant thrive and grow!

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