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Welcome to our FAQ section, designed to address your queries about Dragon Courier’s innovative shipping services. Discover how our door-to-door deliveries cover a wide range of regions, including the USA, Europe, and Asia, partnering with trusted names like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Learn about our role as the Importer of Record and find answers to common questions about costs, tracking, and hassle-free import processes.


  • Shipping to United States

    No, if you are buying under 12 plants, an import permit is not required for importing plants to the United States.
    You can find the guide for obtaining an Import permit by clicking on the link provided: "The guide for getting an Import permit ⇒ https://greenboog.com/how-to-get-the-import-permit-in-usa/".
  • Shipping to Canada

    We currently use Dragon Courier for shipping to Canada, which eliminates the need for an import permit. This courier service arranges delivery directly to your door.
    No, we cannot ship tissue culture plants and potted plants together to Canada. Please make separate purchases for these items in your order.
    You do not need an import permit when shipping to Canada using our Dragon Courier service. They will handle the necessary arrangements for a smooth delivery process.
  • Shipping to Russia

    No, an import permit is not required for buyers from Russia. Our shipper will handle the arrangements, although it's important to note that this option might incur slightly higher costs.
    For buyers seeking to optimize costs, we recommend considering bulk and large orders. This approach is particularly beneficial given the circumstances.
  • Shipping to Japan

    No, an import permit is not required for purchases from Japan. You can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience without the need for an import permit.
    We offer door-to-door service using EMS (Express Mail Service) for shipments from Japan. This ensures a convenient and efficient delivery process for your purchases.
  • Shipping to Hongkong

    If you're buying fewer than 12 plants, you do not require an import permit. However, if your purchase exceeds 12 plants, an import permit might be necessary.
    Import permits are not needed for purchases of up to 12 plants from Hong Kong. If you plan to buy more than 12 plants, it's recommended to check with relevant authorities regarding the need for an import permit.
  • Shipping to Asean

    Generally, an import permit is required for shipments from ASEAN countries. It's advisable to contact the customs or local agriculture ministry to inquire about the necessary import permit before proceeding.
    For the safest and more cost-effective shipping option, we suggest using EMS (Express Mail Service) for orders from ASEAN countries.
    When shipping to the UAE from ASEAN countries, an import permit is typically not required for shipments with fewer than six plants. However, we recommend confirming the latest regulations with the relevant authorities.
  • Shipping to Korea

    If you've received a notice indicating that a delivery has been made to Korea, please reach out to us either through our messaging system or via email at [email protected]. We'll provide you with a guide to help you proceed.
    To obtain the guide for receiving your delivery in Korea, please contact us using our messaging system or send an email to [email protected]. We'll promptly provide you with the necessary information to ensure a smooth process for receiving your package.
  • Shipping to New Zealand

    We utilize "Air freight" routes for transportation, partnering with carriers such as TMT Cargo, KK-Freight, and BKK (Bangkok Airport) to ensure reliable delivery to New Zealand.
    Yes, we have successfully delivered to New Zealand. To receive a comprehensive guide and more details about our shipping services, please contact us through messaging or email at [email protected].
    You can reach out to us for inquiries about shipping to New Zealand either through messaging or by sending an email to [email protected]. We are here to provide you with the necessary information and assistance.
  • Shipping to EU

    We use Dragon Courier for shipping to the EU. This eliminates the need for an import permit and ensures a hassle-free delivery experience right to your doorstep.
    No, you won't have to be involved in the import process at all. Our courier, Dragon Courier, takes care of all the necessary arrangements and delivers the package directly to you.
    By utilizing Dragon Courier, you can enjoy a seamless shipping experience without the requirement for an import permit. The courier service handles the entire process, ensuring a convenient door-to-door delivery service for your orders.
  • Shipping To Australia

    Yes, we do offer shipping to Australia. However, it's important to note that Australia has strict customs regulations, especially regarding live plants.
    When shipping to Australia, please be aware that the customer assumes the risk associated with customs regulations. In the event that customs authorities confiscate or destroy the package, we regret to inform you that the order cannot be refunded.
    Yes, we have experience delivering Tissue Culture plants to Australia. To learn more about shipping and specific concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via message or email at [email protected].


  • Order Processing Time

    The average processing time for orders depends on the type of items you're purchasing. For most items, including plants, the processing time ranges from 7 to 14 days.
    Orders containing tissue culture plants typically have a processing time of 7 to 10 days.
    The processing times mentioned are applicable to the majority of items. However, for specific processing times of individual items, please refer to the details provided on each product's page.
    While we strive to process orders as efficiently as possible, the indicated processing time frames are estimates. Depending on factors such as order volume and item availability, your order may be shipped earlier, but we recommend referring to the provided processing time ranges for a more accurate expectation.
  • Estimated Shipping Times

    Canada: 5-7 business days, United States: 5-7 business days, Europe: 4-6 business days, Asia Pacific: 3-7 business days.
    While I'll do my best to meet these estimates, I cannot guarantee them due to potential variations. The actual delivery time depends on your chosen shipping method.
    No, the estimated shipping times vary based on the destination region. They range from 3 to 7 business days, depending on whether the shipment is going to Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada, or the United States.
    While the estimated shipping times provide a general guideline, delivery times might vary. There's a possibility that your order could arrive earlier, but it's best to consider the provided estimates as the primary reference.
    The actual delivery time is influenced by various factors, including the shipping method you choose, customs processes (for international shipments), and any unexpected events such as weather disruptions or transportation delays.
    Yes, you can usually track your order once it's been shipped. Tracking information will be provided to you, allowing you to monitor the progress of your package as it makes its way to your destination.


  • Customs And Import Taxes

    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply to their purchase. These charges are typically imposed by the destination country's customs authorities and vary depending on the country and the value of the item.
    While we strive to ensure timely delivery, please note that I am not responsible for delays that may arise due to customs procedures. Delays could occur during customs processing, which can sometimes extend the delivery timeline beyond our control. If you have concerns about your order's progress, don't hesitate to reach out, and I'll do my best to assist you.
  • Shipping During Wintertime

    Yes, we do ship orders during wintertime. We take special precautions by using insulated cartons (foam boxes) to protect the items from the cold. However, we avoid shipping orders when the temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius to ensure the quality of the products.
    We understand the importance of maintaining the quality of our products, especially during colder months. That's why we carefully pack all orders in insulated cartons (foam boxes). This packaging helps to prevent exposure to extreme cold temperatures and ensures that the items arrive in optimal condition. Please note that we refrain from shipping orders when the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius to ensure the integrity of the items.
  • Dragon Courier Shipping Services

    Dragon Courier offers door-to-door delivery services to various regions, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, UAE, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Japan, Alaska, and Hawaii.
    Dragon Courier partners with reputable courier services such as UPS Express, DHL Express, and FedEx to ensure efficient and reliable shipping.
    The shipping cost depends on the size of the box being shipped. There are no additional taxes or duties applied to the cost.
    Dragon Courier acts as the Importer of Record in Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, and Hong Kong. This means that buyers don't need to be involved in the import process. All import-related procedures are managed by Dragon Courier and its agents in each country.
    Yes, Dragon Courier's shipping services are available for both individuals and businesses, ensuring convenient door-to-door delivery for various types of shipments.
    You can easily track the status of your shipment by visiting Dragon Courier's website at https://dragoncourier.com/ and using the provided tracking feature. Simply enter your tracking number to get real-time updates on your delivery.


  • We do not accept returns or exchanges for any products.
    Orders can be canceled by reaching out to the seller within 24-72 hours of purchase. Please note that canceling an order might incur PayPal's processing fees.
    For damaged plants upon arrival, we prioritize resending or replacing the damaged plants. We offer replacements free of charge, but the customer is responsible for shipping costs. This is because shipping-related damages are part of the risk of buying live plants.
    If plants arrive fully dead or rotted through Air Cargo, we offer a 50% refund for the dead plants. In cases of package loss, we refund 70% of the plant cost based on the commercial invoice sent to customs. Shipping and Phyto costs are non-refundable. Please provide pictures or video evidence within 24 hours of receiving the plants.
    For plants arriving fully dead, rotted, or with no green within 5-12 days (for Dragon Courier and EMS Thaipost shipments), we offer a replacement or a 50% refund for the dead plants. Shipping and Phyto costs will not be refunded. Please provide pictures or video evidence within 24 hours of receiving the plants.
    Plants with bare roots might not appear 100% perfect upon arrival due to their travel conditions. Some plants are sensitive during transit. Give them time, care, and attention to help them recover and thrive.


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