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    How will my tissue culture plants be sent to me?

    We send tc plants in their container (in-agar) to some countries

    Where can I get a tracking number from my order?

    The tracking number from Dragon Courier logistic and EMS will be sent via the buyer’s email or Order Progress page.

    Where were the plants sent from?

    Most of our tissue culture plants and plants are now shipped from Thailand and we are setting a new shipment from Viet Nam.

    How do I import plants into my country?

    Contact your quarantine department and check if you require an import permit. If yes, obtain one and forward it to us. Once we receive your import permit, we will check with your quarantine office for any special conditions/ declarations/certificates that they might require from us. In most cases, tissue culture plants do not require any further documentation, and we will ship the plants to you accompanied by the necessary documents.

    Can I pay other than Paypal?

    We accept Paypal, Visa/Credit card, Bank Transfer

    I am not sure about the quarantine laws of my country. How can I order?

    No worries. Just email us your requirement and we will try and find out the information for you, to import plants from us.

    Why it is usually difficult to import plants?

    Each country has its own quarantine requirements to allow live plants, insects, animals, or their parts, from another country into their own. Some of these items could be prohibited under International wildlife legislation or may carry harmful bacteria or fungi that can prove deadly to your country’s flora and fauna, and may require import permits. All permits must be obtained before you place an order for plants from another country. Without the correct permits, your products may be seized by quarantine authorities and an additional fine could be imposed. If the plants are free from pests/fungi/bacteria then the plants are allowed without any problems. Usually, greenhouse-grown / potted/bare-rooted plants carry fungal spores or bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye. Due to this, the quarantine department from the importing country sometimes asks the exporter to carry out certain tests to check if the plants are free from the fungus or bacteria that are not allowed in your country. These tests cost money and could affect the cost of importing the plants. Sometimes the tests are not required but when the plant reaches the importing country’s border, the plants are fumigated to kill any fungal or bacterial spores present on them. In most cases, this process kills the plants as well. Even after fumigation, the plants are kept under observation for a pre-required length of time before being released to the importer. Tissue culture plants, having had no prior contact with soil, overcome these quarantine restrictions, and hence, are far easier to obtain, making them the perfect choice for overseas buyers.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we do.

    Can the order be replaced?

    We can only replace the plant/s and should be shipped with the customer’s next order.

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