Tissue Culture Pre-order – Homalomena Rubescens Mint Variegated



All plants were cultured in flasks for 2 months, eligible for transport. The tissue plants will look very similar when they were babies so we can use one image for all of them. Please see a few notes on how to take care of them on our fan page.

The minimum of temp from 10 degrees C

Homalomena Rubescens Variegated TISSUE CULTURE PLANTS

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Tissue Culture – Homalomena Rubescens Mint Variegated

Information about Homalomena Rubescens Mint Variegated species Here

Homalomena Rubescens Mint Variegated is a cultivar of Homalomena Rubescens and is characterized by its green and white variegated leaves with a minty coloration. Like other Homalomena Rubescens plants, it is a tropical species and is commonly grown as a houseplant. It prefers warm and humid conditions and should be kept out of direct sunlight to protect its leaves from sunburn.

Process after receiving:

  • STEP 1. Do not do anything 1-2 days to keep them adjusted with the new temp. Keep them in light, not the direct sun (you can use a dedicated light)
  • STEP 2. Open the package – wash out jelly food thoroughly. If you have a mini paintbrush it is helpful.
    Rinse until they’re clean.
  • STEP 3. Soak them in anti-fungus for 15 mins (Betadine mix with water will also work)
  • STEP 4. Soak them in rooting hormone
  • STEP 5. Plant them into media of choice. (see 3 options)
  • STEP 6. Put them into the closed package (plastic container or plastic bag) – allowing light to pass through. Bright indirect light or under a grow light.


Shipping Information Detail:
– Transport: The minimum of temp from 1 degree C
– United States: Required to have an import license.
How to get the import permit in US >> HERE
– Canada, EU, Singapore: You don’t need the import permit
– Hongkong, Taiwan, AUS: Required to have an import license.
– Other countries: Required to have an import license, please ask the customs or the local agriculture ministry about this.

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Plant Qty:

1 plant, 3 plants

1 review for Tissue Culture Pre-order – Homalomena Rubescens Mint Variegated

  1. Steve W

    Thank you so much! Homalomena Rubescens Variegated tissue culture plant arrived safely, a leaf was damaged but the other one looks great!
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