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Epipremnum Plants are a stunning choice for creating an exotic feel in any home or office. Incredibly versatile, this type of tropical foliage comes in both vining and non-vining types with beautiful heart-shaped leaves that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you’re looking for something to fill your bookshelf or hang from the ceiling, Epipremnums will certainly make a statement!

At Our Epipremnum Plant Store we have a great selection of these awe-inspiring plants that can be sure to bring some life into any room. Our helpful staff will help guide you through the selection process so you can find the perfect fit for your space as well as provide useful advice on how to care for them as they grow.

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When purchasing an Epipremnum from our store, look out for signs of good health such as shiny leaves with no visible wilting or browning; check if there are any pests or fungal infections present on the plant before bringing it home too as these could cause problems further down the line. Furthermore, choosing a proper sized pot when repotting is important; go for one slightly larger than its current container but not too large as overly large pots will cause excessive water retention which can lead to root rot.

Once planted in its new home, caring for your Epipremnum is generally easy – they thrive best in bright indirect light (think medium window but not direct sunlight) along with regular watering; letting the soil dry out between waterings is key. If yellowing leaves appear then this may indicate uneven watering while brown leaves mean underwatering so adjust accordingly! Fertilizer every 6 weeks is recommended especially during their active growing season which is typically spring through summertime.

Pruning isn’t necessary but if desired use sterilized shears and take care not to damage any surrounding foliage – this can help promote bushier growth plus keep those long trailing stems looking neat and tidy! Lastly, don’t forget about their air-purifying properties either; having one of these remarkable plants around helps create a cleaner indoor environment making it healthier for everyone around!.

Our Epipremnum Plant Store has just what you need to transform your space quickly and easily – visit us today and discover all the possibilities!

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  • Epipremnum, Plants
  • Epipremnum, Plants
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