Tissue Culture – Philodendron billietiae variegated (from variegated mother plant) – Plant per box: 10



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Philodendron billietiae variegated (Not stable variegated) – Tissue Culture plants

All plants were cultured in flasks for 2 months, eligible for transport. The tissue plants will look very similar when they were babies so we can use one image for all of them. Please see a few notes on how to take care of them on our fanpage or bellow videos.

Not guaranteed to be variegated but genes do come from a variegated mother plant 🌱

Process after receiving:
st1. Do not do any thing 2-3 days to keep them adjust with new temp. Keep them in light not direct sun (you can use a dedicated lights)
st2. After that start to open and close for more 2-3 days. (lids flask/plastic jip)
st3. Grow them
In the event of a broken jelly, what should be done?
You can keep shorter st.1 only one day then start st.2
(our customer even jelly broke that still keep then for a week)
– Keep it like that when you receive it, do not open it.
– Keep it some light. not direct sun
– Let’s plants adjust with new environtment
– If have mold, this case can not wait, take out and wash it then plant it right away, dip in captan and Trichoderma Harzianum
[in case no mold, you can wait and follow above]

Shipping Information Detail:
United States: Required to have an import license.
How to get the import permit in US >> HERE
– Canada, EU, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan:  You don’t need the import permit
– AUS: Required to have an import license.
– Other countries: Required to have an import license, please ask the customs or the local agriculture ministry about this.


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