Full Phytosanitary Documentation for PRE-ORDER_TISSUE CULTURE



Full documentation from the seller, including:

  • Export license
  • Import license
  • EUN license
  • EUE license
  • Full fyto docs
  • Controlled plant export license
  • Controlled nursery license
  • Treatment license and
  • Additional attachment
  • Foreign trade license
  • Packing list, invoice and application
  • Included all transport and working hours (4h per shipment)up and down between our offices and trade department

This phytosanitary certificate will cover your WHOLE ORDER, no matter how many plants. Please scroll down to see more info we have for some countries.



Dear Customers,

Please consider buying this full documentation from the seller in case of customs inspection. Strongly recommended for buyers from Germany, Italy, USA and Canada, as well as for orders of substantial value to any other country. It will cover your whole order, no matter how many and what plants. Please note though that this is not a guarantee for your package to be released by your customs. In many countries you as a buyer is also required to obtain an importer license or/and fulfil other procedures. This is different from country to country and is up to you to find out. Normally your country’s agricultural authority or similar will have the required information.

Without this item added to your order (when ordering from Thailand), your package will not be marked to contain plants.

Additional info for some countries:
Australia: The import rules for Australia are too complicated to follow for private persons. Strongly advised to add this document
Canada: Strongly advised to add this document to your order. As a buyer, you are also required to obtain an importer permit from your Food Inspection Agency. You can do it online here.
Sweden: The import rules for Sweden are impossible to follow for private persons. Strongly advised to add this document
USA: Strongly advised to add this document to your order, especially for CA and HI.


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