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Amydrium plants, also known as ‘Bird’s Nest Ferns,’ are a popular and hardy species of fern that make great houseplants. Their leaves are thick, crinkly and ruffled; distributed in an attractive deep green color. Amydriums prefer bright indirect light with temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C). They do not like direct sunlight because it can dry out the fronds easily.

When it comes to moisture requirements, Amydriums love humidity and should be misted regularly to stay healthy. Keep soil lightly moist but never soggy — if it feels dry 1 inch (2 cm) below the surface then it’s time to water! It’s important to fertilize your plant regularly (monthly during spring/summertime growth). Be sure to use a balanced fertilizer that’s diluted so you don’t burn the roots.

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You don’t have to repot Bird’s Nest Ferns very often; once every two or three years should be sufficient for most varieties. When you do repot them make sure to use an appropriately sized pot (with drainage holes) that allows enough space for the roots to spread out while still leaving ample room on all sides of the original container.

If you want something with a classic look that’s easy to care for, try Amydrium! With its luscious deep green hues and sturdy demeanor, this plant will add life into any space while providing excellent levels of care satisfaction – shop now!

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